Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reflection for Thursday, February 12: Speak Up

Mass Readings: Genesis 2:18-25/Mark 7:24-30

Jesus was beyond his home territory and reaching beyond his mission to his Jewish brethren. Why limit his efforts to the Jews? Were the Gentiles just not ready? The Chosen People, after all, had been waiting for the Messiah for 2000 years.

The Syrophoenician woman seems to have understood the difference. She seemed to grasp better than most her place in God’s plan of salvation and was better prepared to receive the Messiah. Perhaps Jesus’ challenge was to get her to confess her faith out loud. Spoken out loud and received by Jesus and others, her faith was made real to all.

How often are we challenged to express out loud our faith in Jesus? As a sacramental people, if it is not said out loud or otherwise made tangible, then how real is it?

Prayer: Lord, help me to trust you enough to make you known in the world.

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