Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reflection for Saturday, February 14: More than Enough

Mass Readings: Genesis 3:9-24/Mark 8:1-10

Sometimes, when following the Lord, we get to that point where we feel like we have nothing left. If we were to continue on, we would collapse. Today’s gospel tells us Jesus will never leave us empty or send us away hungry. He will always take what we or others have and make it enough.

This is one reason Jesus gave us the Mass. He knew that without it we would collapse under the weight of our sins, anxieties, and efforts. The feeding of the four thousand foreshadows Eucharist in that it reminds us of three important truths: 1) Jesus will never send us away hungry; 2) Jesus will take what we have and make it more. 3) Jesus is super-sufficient. Jesus will give us everything we need and enough to share.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, let me never forget that you are more than enough.

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