Friday, December 4, 2015

Advent is...Wait for it....Wait for it...

We do a lot of waiting.

Some waiting we don’t mind so much. Some waiting irritates us. Some waiting brings eager excitement.

Hopefully, Advent is the third kind.

Waiting is anticipating. Whatever is at the end of that wait means something to us, even if it is simple as the end of the checkout line or as thrilling as a new baby.

Real waiting occupies us. If I am in the checkout line, I stay there. The end of the line and the need to pay for my items has my time and attention. I may be looking at tabloid headlines or forty varieties of chewing gum, but my real concern is the end of the line.

Advent is waiting—waiting for Jesus. The word “Advent” comes from a Latin word that literally means “arrival”. Think of children waiting for grandma and grandpa to come, “When are they going to get here?”  As they wait, they prepare. They might clean their room, make cards, figure what games they want to play.

Expectant parents do not proceed with life as if nothing has changed or is going to change. They prepare by getting baby’s room ready, stocking up on diapers, finding a childcare provider.

How anxious are we for Jesus’ return? How anxious are we to have him come into our lives right now? To what extent are we waiting? Does Jesus’ arrival occupy our thoughts and our time? Are we preparing?