Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lord, You Will Never Wash my Feet

It’s an attitude too many of us have too often.  We just don’t want anyone’s help—even God’s.

Normally, when I think about John’s account of the washing of the feet (13:1-15) I usually think of it as a reminder that we need to serve others. I especially think of my vocation of husband and father and how I need to put the wants and needs of my wife and children ahead of my own. As a teacher, I need to put the wants and need of my students ahead of my own. In either situation, I’m just not that good at it.

This story has another lesson. We need to allow God to help us. I’m not that good at that either. I don’t like asking for help. When I don’t ask for help I think I am doing the person I am not asking a favor by not asking them. I’m trying to assume a state of “betterness” by not asking. Like Peter, “Lord, you will never wash my feet,” I’m trying to be the good and obedient one by not inconveniencing anyone else. I sense in Peter and in myself a sense of egotism or stubbornness.

Jesus tells us we need to be the least. We tend to think of that on the giving end. Sometimes we need to remember that being the least can mean being on the receiving end of help.

Having and living our faith is not about being better than anyone else. It’s not about following bunch of rules. It’s about allowing ourselves to be loved by the One who is Love and sharing that love with others. This begins with the humility to let Him love us and help us. If the number one way we love God is by loving others then the number one way we let God love us must be to let others love and help us.

What’s keeping you from letting God love you?

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